Kristy Calabro

Co-Host of Sold Media's "In the Spray Room"

Kristy Calabro, from Staten Island, is a lover of art and a photographer who enjoys stumbling upon scattered self-expressions in NYC and beyond. Her photography background started when she was a teenager. Kristy would go to clubs like CBGBs, The Wetlands, Coney Island High and Roseland Ballroom to take pictures of bands. When one by one, these NY institutions closed down, Kristy found herself wandering the streets with her camera and that’s how her journey of documenting public art started. Kristy said, “Being from SI, I’m sometimes the last one to see a mural or a new pasteup, but that pushes me to be a more creative photographer. To present something that’s been seen already in a new and exciting way.”

Kristy Calabro has hosted 65 Episodes.