Kalin Hart

Co-Host of Sold Media's "In the Spray Room"

The moment her surroundings shifted from rural to urban in 2004 when she moved to Los Angeles, Kalin's love of street art began. She's since lived in San Francisco, Oakland, Paris, Bushwick and now Chinatown, NYC. Trends have come and gone, galleries opened and closed, but the street has remained an evolving platform for artists, accessible to all. Since becoming immersed in the art community here in New York, she found many of her fellow art lovers were photographing and sharing much of the same work. As a personal challenge, she wanted to interact with the work she found in the street, to portray it in a new light. Her background in fashion and love of yoga blended together with her affinity for street art has since become her quirky beloved inversion passion project. Kalin is thrilled to become a part of the SOLD family as she says with a smile on her face, she finally found her people.

Kalin Hart has hosted 36 Episodes.