John Paul O'Grodnick

Co-Host of Sold Media's "In the Spray Room"

John Paul O’Grodnick aka JPO is a visual artist known for his vibrant and elusive painting style. JPO translates raw emotions into colorful, powerful and expressive works of art while visually connecting concepts of human perception. As a big advocate of meditation he believes through his practice that he learned how to open up his mind and channel his third eye. John uses these methods throughout the entirety of the painting process. While channeling his thoughts to canvas, he’s also inspired by music he listens to while painting. Out of the studio he’s painting murals in the Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn and Miami with his vibrant colors and thought provoking accents. His work catches the eyes of everyone passing which led to multiple interviews with ABC news and collaborations with MTV and GAP.

John Paul O'Grodnick has hosted 43 Episodes.